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I'll admit, I hesitate to give her 5 stars... because then it'll be even harder to get appointments with this miracle worker!

I found Shirley when I tweaked my neck so badly that I could hardly move it. This woman works miracles. She is so gentle with her touch and manipulated my neck and upper body in a way that was so relaxing and healing. She truly cares for you and will not stop until she feels you are in a better place and on the road to healing. This woman has a gift and was certainly a gift from God for me!

Given how messed up my neck was (and having been to half a dozen other massage therapists in my life) I have come to expect to be incredibly sore the next day. NOT WITH SHIRLEY! Oh my goodness - not one bit of soreness the next day and my range of motion is incredible. I will be splurging for the 3 hour next time!

- Candy Holstein


Shirley is amazing!  I suffered a tailbone bruise 18 months ago and have been slowly losing flexibility and mobility.  After just a couple of visits with Shirley, I no longer need to take Ibuprofen several times a day just to function.  My back is no longer the first consideration on whether or not I can do something.

I used to get massages on a regular basis just for relaxation and to relieve some minor aches and pains that come with sitting in front of a computer 40 hours a week.  Shirley is different from any other massage therapist I have used.  She explains what she is doing and why, and sends you home with stretches and movements to do to make the most of your session.

I highly recommend Shirley.  She is a caring, compassionate and skilled massage therapist.
Gab C.