Back In Touch Massage & Bodywork
Taking Care of Aches & Pains since 1987


Welcome to a place where you may begin your journey to inner peace and calm. . . 

It's time to get Back In Touch with your SoulSelf . . .

You are greeted by heavenly music,  the exquisite aroma of orange blossom and vanilla, and a gentle voice that welcomes you to unwind your mind, relax your body and refresh your spirit . . . allow yourself to take a nice long slow deep breath in . . . pause . . . now let go with a sigh of relief . . . ahhhhh

You begin to feel her soothing, nurturing touch caress your weary forehead and scalp, massaging your ears, breathing easily with you, then the delicious sensation of liquid heat from smooth hot stones applied to the base of your scull, your brain literally feels as if it were beginning to melt. . . intuitively you sense that you are truly in good hands from here on . . every cell in your body resonating at a higher frequency . . . you deserve every moment of this divine time.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation massage or serious therapeutic bodywork including MRT ( muscle release technique), trigger point work, myofacial release, Tragger-like work, tapotment and deep tissue I feel confident I may serve you above and beyond your previous experience with massage or other forms of physical therapy.

I have many references upon your request including The Club at Black Rock.

Experience 5 Star resort quality for a stress free price!
For as little as $30 to $100 for a two hour ultimate mind, body escape!
My lovely garden theme office or your home or office or special event. 
Ask about Spa Parties.
Gift Certificates Available.

Its time to get Back In Touch today!
Shirley Blackwell CMT since 1987 Mueller College of Holistic Studies, San Diego, CA.
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